Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Ugly

It occurred to me recently, that I could put pictures of Irish churches on my blog but I then wondered 'Why not put them on a separate blog?' Ireland has many beautiful churches from the last century (nearly everything older was 'taken away' from us). In part I am inspired by a comment by the late Sr. Aloysius McVeigh R.S.M., an iconographer, teacher, principal, ecumenist, founder-member of the Association of Iconographers of Ireland and deeply holy woman(RIP 25th December 2008) who noted that her local parish Church had been a place of continuous worship since the time of St. Columbcille (521-597). Even when the Church was burnt down the Mass was offered under a Hawthorn tree behind the apse. So in my travels and hopefully those of my brethren (and anyone else who wishes to contribute) we will collect pics of the beautiful and not so beautiful churches we have. We can then, I suppose, come to a deeper appreciation of our heritage and what fits in with it and what doesn't. The picture that dominates this page is of course from the apse of St. Paul's Outside the Walls, Rome which I think is one of Rome's most beautiful Churches after John Lateran.


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