Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have been into Christchurch Cathedral twice in the last two weeks to see the exhibition of icons by Ludmila Pawlowska. The icons are beautiful but her modern art did nothing for me. Christchurch is surprisingly small inside. Originally, of course, it was Catholic and then the Reformation (or 'revolution') occurred and it became Anglican. Interestingly they retain the altar rails and a rood screen separating the nave from the choir. It's a beautiful church and well kept (entry is €6 for an adult). While there I heard a concert given by the Riverside City College Chamber Choir of California (director John Byun). They were very good though I was disappointed that there were no pieces by Irish composers.

The beautiful font reminds us of our unity in this sacrament. Thanks to the decision of Pope Sylvester that the Roman tradition of accepting the baptism of heretics and schismatics once they used the correct formula kept the door open for modern efforts to restore the unity of the Church. I feel whenever I am in such a church that I am walking on ground that has been usurped and feel I should quietly ask 'when are you going to give it back?'

My photo of the pulpit without flash was too blurred but the flash, while giving clarity, flattens the picture. This is a fine piece of work but I don't know how hold it is.

So if you happen to be in Dublin take some time and pay a visit.

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  1. Hello Brother Tom -

    Greetings from the USA. A few years ago my wife and I visited Christchurch in Dublin. The Chieftans recorded the Bells of Christchurch for their CD, "The Bells of Dublin." Also, I think I have a recording of Enya performing there. As I recall, it was very dark inside the Church.

    I do love your City of Dublin - I have visited twice, stayed at Bewley's - attended Holy Mass at the Cloister down the street (Poor Clares as I remember). And as a Missionary of Charity co-worker here in the states, I visited the mc sisters twice on circular road.

    God bless you - your blog is very nice!!!

    * USA Permanent Deacon candidate - pls pray for me....



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