Saturday, November 14, 2009


In 1943 a Chinese priest came to Ireland, to St. Columban's in Dalgan Co. Meath to learn English. He struck up a friendship with the Mercy Sisters in nearby Navan and when he returned to China he had a set of vestments made and sent to them. On September 7th 1951 he was arrested and imprisoned by the Communists. On January 30th 1953 he died from pleurisy in a Shanghai jail another martyr for the Faith.
I think both the life, the sacrifice and the chasuble from the set (on display in Dalgan) are beautiful.

Below is the Chasuble:

A closer look:


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  2. In this world we have things and Jesus teaches us that all things will ultimately end up as dust. You don't mention the chinese priest's name but it really isn't important for us to know. God knows it and He is the only One who can save us from death, safeguarding what is precious for eternity. What really matters is that this man loved God, loved others and was faithful, to the end, to the Love of the One who loves us best. He gave a gift of the chasuble to the sisters but the gift of Himself, His life, to our Savior Jesus. It is possible for us to look at the chausible today - but not for forever. More than the chausible, God gave us through this good man a story of faith and love - of giving one's all, without regrets - of love. This can be passed from heart to heart and God uses it to draw us close to Himself - in love. Peace and God's blessings on your for sharing!



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