Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Holy Family, Aughrim St., Dublin

One of the old Dublin Churches built after the lifting of the Penal Laws, Holy Family, or simply Aughrim (pronounced ock-rimStreet, is a beautiful church. It's a large but not wealthy parish, with a lot of elderly parishioners. It has two priests. The more I hear and read of what has been lost around the Catholic world the more I realise how our native Irish conservatism has preserved quite a lot of our heritage - at least more than other countries.

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  1. Thanks for this photo. This is where I celebrated my First Mass, on 21 December 1967, the old feast of St Thomas the Apostle. That was before the sanctuary area was changed.

    After my first Holy Communion in Stanhope St Convent I joined the altarboys in Church St, but got discouraged at having to learn the Confiteor by heart in Latin and left. If I had stayed I might have been a Capuchin instead of a Columban!

    Fr Sean Coyle
    Bacolod City, Philippines



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